AEGEE-Brno na Jarmarku spolků/AEGEE-Brno on presentation of student clubs!

Tuto památnou událost shrnul náš pragmatický finanční ředitel Jaroslav Kotrba ve třech velice výstižných odstavcích. (Na obrázku uprostřed) / This memorable event was summed up by our Treasurer Jaroslav Kotrba in three very apt paragraphs. (In the picture you can see him in the middle)

AEGEE BRNO participated at a presentation of student clubs

On the 3rd of October student societies gathered at the Faculty of Social Science so as to present their activity during the whole year. Our AEGEE community showed up there too since we are currently searching for new members, it was seemed in the eyes of our new board as a great opportunity to approach students especially those who are currently in their first year and trying to find meaningful activity besides their field of study.

AEGEE board and also its members tried to explain motivation why to become a member and described  AEGEE´s activities and events that they had organized or participated at. Promoting AEGEE members hearty distributed invitation leaflets for the upcoming events and meetings.

At the end of the event our board was able to state that is satisfied with the amount of students who were interested in our international organization even thought there were three additional student clubs, who are walking a very similar path namely of being more international. 😀