AeGeE of Empires SU 2011

O tom, jak se účastníkům naší Letní univerzity pořádané společně s AEGEE-Budapešť u nás líbilo se dozvíte v jejich článku:

BUDAPEST part I. (08/07 – 16/07)

Mi scuzi, paparapupi? Have you ever heard about shaking a tree in a pub or party before? Well read on… Recently a participant of the AEGEE of Empires SU found a creative way to pronounce Egészségedre: “I can shake a tree” (try to pronounce it fast). And soon after that “drinking beer” became “shaking trees”.
In the Budapest part of the SU was a lot of varity between the beauty of Budapest, the party life and the atmosphere of Budapest. From the skyline by night on top of the hill (and the Liberty Statue a.k.a. the Beeropener) via the “statue of pussy” (Zero kilometer point) and the various churches to the open-air parties which going on till sunrise.
The week started with a full program visiting must-see places in Budapest and party hard but after the European Night (with some teleportations and general resets as result of it) it was a bit more relaxing and some free time for own interpretation was available in the program. Visiting the Spa on the last day was definitely a good choise by the organisation. Everyone felt like reborn.

One thing is for sure we all gained a lot of new friends inside and(!) outside Europe. There’s one advice left for the board: try to keep an eye on your posessions ;-). They were stolen twice in 1 weak. And the only point of criticism is that the souvenir shops in Budapest haven’t invented the Liberty Statue Beeropener yet. So lets shake some trees tonight!
Maikel Wagemans AEGEE-Eindhoven

BRNO partII. (16/08 – 22/08)
Our first night in Czech Republic we enjoyed a wine tasting in AEGEE style, which means that explanation about different wines was replaced by drinking games.
On our first trip we visited the beautiful Lednice Castle. Our guide seemed to be a bit nervous; it turned out it was his first guided tour in English…. The weather was beautiful and we spent the rest of the afternoon in the beautiful park.
To give us the opportunity to get to know the city of Brno by ourselves, the organizers made us play the “city game”. We had various tasks, such as asking people to tell us some swearwords in Czech or to boil an egg! It was very hard because only few people spoke English and everybody thought we were crazy!
After partying till late night, a few heroic girls woke up at 5:00 am to take the bus to Vienna. There we visited some beautiful monuments such as the Schoenbrunn Palace, and also some stores to get some warm clothes – since it was freezing cold! But one of the best parts was the visit to an amusement park, where only Sara and Maria were brave enough to do a ride.
Brno nightlife is full of surprises. The first night we visited a bar in which you could draw your own beers. A large screen showed beer consumption per table of several bars around Czech Republic. Despite several drinking games, none of the three tables we occupied could beat the table with the heaviest drinkers in a bar in Prague.
On Monday we visited a medieval style bar in a historical cellar. While enjoying our food and drinks we were entertained by a sexy „woman‟ singing love songs. Most guys were not happy with the singing „woman‟ approaching them, but Alberto and Enrique seduced her into some intimate dancing, which seemed to be more surprising for the „woman‟ than for us. On Tuesday night we visited Club Two Faces. The club had two nice surprises: a football table and a pool. Lenka and Jana challenged Peter: they would jump into the pool if eight people would be in there. Lack of fashionable underwear or a towel could not stop the real SU party animals to jump into the pool, so the organizers had to join the team.
Sara Frau & Peter Snijders
AEGEE-Cagliari, AEGEE-Rotterdam

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