NWM Brno – Now We Move!

Don’t know which NWM to choose? STOP looking around! NWM Brno is best place where to meet new friends, share experience and learn new things. Broad AEGEE horizons and feel Moravian spirit.

Are you ready to broaden your AEGEE horizons?

Are you willing to learn something new?

Do you want share your AEGEE experience?

Are you eager to discover the Moravian capital Brno

Are you answering YES?  There is more!

During NWM we discuss several topics, including:

  • What does AEGEE really mean?
  • How to involve new members in your local?
  • HR is the key to our future success – new members are the future of our beloved association, aren’t they?
  • How to organise an event and make it unforgettable.
This Network Meeting will be the right place for exchanging good practises, sharing knowledge and for finding some nice tips and tricks. Besides that, the Spring AGORA Enschede will be right in front of us, which is why we will discuss how an AGORA works, what to do there, what will the proposals be about and who will be the future candidates for European level bodies.

Main Topics:

  • Human Resources
  • Event management
  • Agora preparations


  • Round table discussions
  • Workshops
  • Simulations

Accommodation: Gym

Besides the official program of the network Meeting AEGEE-Brno will organize an interesting social program full of activities and you will have chance to taste the Moravian hospitality and famous Czech beer 😉

Don’t hesitate and apply for this marvelous NWM.

See you in Brno on Friday 13th 😉

Please apply both via intranet AND by the following website:  http://goo.gl/msivx

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