Kulturní letní univerzita

V létě 2013 pořádalo AEGEE-Brno kulturní letní univerzitu ve spolupráci s CWG (což znamená Culture working group). Abychom splnili podmínky této spolupráce, museli jsme do programu letní univerzity zahrnout určité předepsané aktivity. A jak se nám to všechno povedlo, co konkrétně u nás účastníci zažili a zda se nám podařilo naplnit hlavní ideu se můžete dočíst v následujícím reportu o průběhu letní univerzity Let’s Czech Culture. Fotky z této akce najdete v naší galerii.

1. What was the mean field, idea, concept of your SU and which activities did you organise?
Main idea of SU was to show our culture in many different aspects and to let participants experience our life style by all their senses. We offered various culture activities connected with culture life as city tours, sightseeing, practical workshops about our national traditions, wine tasting and other student activities we like to enjoy here :).

As concrete activities, we have prepared as Czech language lesson, traditional food, wine tasting, pub crawling in popular places in our city, city rally with legends in Brno, European Night, Easter workshop with practical examples of what we always do on Easter, city tours in three different cities, workshop about separation of Czechoslovakia, Czech movie, visit of UNESCO chateau and villa Tugendhat, visit of underground and many others.

2. What workshops did you have, explain the most interesting one?
We included several workshops about Czech traditions and history to give more knowledge to participants about our culture, but we have always tried to make them in an interactive way. We prepared Czech language lesson, workshop about separation of Czechoslovakia, painting T-shirt workshop and Easter workshop, which was pretty successful. We chose Easter, because it is still one of very living traditions in Czech Republic which people still follow. We took participants outside by the lake where they got information about Eastern traditions here as painting eggs, baking traditional cake, singing rhymes and many other. They used this knowledge afterwards in the game. Game separated participants in 4 groups and with gained knowledge they were competing in getting points for different Eastern activities.

3. How was the European night?
The European night took place in the university student’s club in the very centre of Brno and we placed European night at the second night of our SU. As the range of participants was very various, we could taste varied kinds of delicious drinks and dishes. Most of the participants – including organizers – also prepared national anthem or another traditional song, even traditional costumes. All the countries made very nice presentation of food and drinks they brought and what is so special about them. Especially Belarus showed very nice and complex presentation with food, drinks, costumes, songs and other souvenirs from their home country involving everybody to the presentation-Belarusian bracelet I still have on my hand is a proof of that.
After all of us presented our country in the best way we could ever imagine, the free programme started. We were enjoying new friends, new drinks, new dishes and – in hindsight – we assume that choosing second night for the EN was a really great choice.

4. Tell about the most interesting moment on the SU
One of the most interesting moments of our SU came the last night, when there was a time to say goodbye to our lovely participants. We (organizers) were busy with preparing our own prices for participants, but we did not know that they prepared prices for us as well. So during very nice evening sitting around the campfire, participants separately thanked each organizer and at the end gave us very nice surprise-big paper with kisses and signatures from all the participants and new mascot for our antenna with bucket full of chocolate candies which we were eating together whole night.

5. What results did you have at the end of the SU?
The aim of our SU was to show all the participants the beauty of Czech culture and Czech life. Although we had only 10 days for completing this hard but wonderful mission, I guess we did our job very well. We tried to put the piece of Czech republic into participants‘ hearts and as the result of our work we received magnificent thanks from all of them.

6. How many participants did you have?
We had 25 participants from 11 countries in total.

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