Brněnská letní univerzita 2014: Out of the box!

Právě skončila brněnská letní univerzita s názvem ” Out of the box! Can you handle it?”, stýská se nám, ale máme radost, protože upřímně můžeme říct, že byli nadšení nejen účastníci, ale i organizátoři. A jaké to bylo z pohledu účastníků? Přečtěte si povídání od účastnice Silvije z Chorvatska!

My story will begin slightly differently than other SU stories. I’ve been an AEGEE member for over 2.5 years and despite being very active in the association and participating and organizing different events, I’ve never attended any Summer University. Up until now. I just returned from the most amazing event I’ve ever been to, both in AEGEE and out – AEGEE-Brno’s SU “Out of the box! Can you handle it?”. After spending three weeks on the Croatian coast, I returned to Zagreb and immediately had to start re-packing and washing my clothes. One sleepless night later, I got on the 6am bus for Vienna. In Vienna, I switched buses and got on a Student Agency Yellow Bus that took me to Brno. Traveling with that bus seemed like traveling by plane – you get free coffee/tea/hot chocolate, the seats are comfy and you have your own TV where you can watch movies, TV-shows and listen to the music. For me, the journey started almost perfectly. I say almost because I almost missed my bus for Brno, but luckily, I arrived one minute before the departure.

I arrived in Brno around 6pm and joined others in the Mamut Pub for a beer (some beers?); typical Czech way of relaxing and spending the free time (and I like it!). The first day I will remember mostly for the “balloon game”. We were divided into smaller teams and each person had to smash a balloon against one chosen team-mate’s body (e.g. jumping on someone’s lap or pressing it onto other person’s chest). It was both challenging and funny to do it with still unknown people, but it was a great ice-breaking game.

 We got a task to compete in preparing the best traditional Czech goulash – it was a great team-building activity and it made our dinner even better and tastier since it was prepared by us with love.

The next morning we left Brno and went to the Moravian Karst for a team-building weekend. After relaxing time by a pond and a lunch, the fun began. Each team had to exchange a toilet paper for something of a bigger value and find its way to Vilémovice where the gym was located. The organizers took care that it doesn’t become too easy for us – each member had an obstacle; we were walking blind folded, with our hands and legs tight and were not allowed to talk or use our phones or maps. Although my (Pink) team was the fastest, for all of us the winners were the Green team who exchanged the toilet paper for a bottle of Martini. Tired, sweaty and hungry we looked forward to the dinner and showers, but there were still some surprises left. We got a task to compete in preparing the best traditional Czech goulash. It was a great team-building activity and it made our dinner even better and tastier since it was prepared by us with love. We ended the day with midnight forest orientation games.

The next day, we went hiking and we visited the amazing cave complex Punkevní jeskyně and the Macocha Abyss. In the afternoon we had the AEGEE introduction held by Ivan Bielik, the CD member. Even though I’ve already heard it hundreds of times and held it myself, this was the best and the most inspiring I’ve heard so far and would like to thank him for inspiring us and spreading the AEGEE spirit.

We returned to Brno on Monday, and after the city tour had a great workshop about the intercultural dialogue. Part of it was a game where our partner had to guess the given sentence in our language which we were trying to explain by a pantomime. It was a hard task to understand Estonian, but with a small help, in the end I guessed every sentence correctly. Later that night we had a pub crawl and despite the rain we managed to fulfill all the tasks. I’d like to thank my team-mates who helped me with the beer drinking. Without you, I’d probably never finish the pub crawl!

Another day arrived. After visiting the Technical Museum and spending most of the time playing in the interactive part, we had the time management workshop. There I’ve learned that I can understand Slovak language pretty well. There is always one thing that triggers the best inside jokes and I believe we used what we learned there pretty well! Anyone who ever participated in any AEGEE event knows how it feels like after the European Night. Especially when the first thing you have in the morning is a workshop. Organizers made it very interactive and interesting, and after a huge cup of black coffee, I had no problem with following and improving my critical thinking.

Later that day we went to the rope center. Even though I was not able to participate, due to my injury, I’m very proud of everyone who was able to pass the heavy elements and finish climbing despite the heavy rain. I soothed my sorrow later that evening during the wine tasting. Slowly the SU started coming to an end.

I think I’m saying in the name of all of us that four hours past in what seemed like a second.

On Thursday morning was a city rally. For those who don’t know what it is, it’s an interactive game to gain a better insight of the city. Each team gets their tasks that consist of finding some places and taking a photo there, finding some stories about the city or names of important things there and many more. Few hours later, after a lot of walking, many crazy photos and selfies we were ready for the lunch in one of the best pubs in Brno – The Immigrant. Later that day, although tired from the party, we went to a public speaking workshop. I think I’m saying in the name of all of us that four hours past in what seemed like a second. Everyone got a chance to perform and practice their public speaking skills and we all wanted to speak and learn more.In the evening we had a movie night and a discussion about a documentary film “Český sen“(Eng. Czech Dream) that documents the largest consumer hoax the Czech Republic has ever seen.

The Sun rose again and it was a time for the picnic at the Brno Dam Lake. Even though the weather was changing rapidly from sunny and warm to cloudy and rainy, we had a great and relaxing day which was followed by the trip to Veveří Castle. A perfect day that ended with a great party. The last day before the departure – Saturday. The last workshop of the SU – critical thinking and implementation of everything learned. The last lunch with new friends. I would say the last beer, but it wasn’t the last. After discovering different types of beer, it was a time to try them. Many thanks to Petra Védlová who taught us everything that needs to be known about the beer and especially, how to pour a tap beer properly.

Last laughs. Last talks. Last drinks. Last dances. Last time with the amazing people I met in Brno.  Goodbyes are never easy. You never know if it means forever or until the next time we see each other.

And then, slowly and without realizing, came the time for the Farewell party. Last laughs. Last talks. Last drinks. Last dances. Last time with the amazing people I met in Brno. We didn’t want to end the night and fun so we waited until the first rays of the Sun appeared. It was time to leave. To go back home and to say goodbye to the people who became my family. Goodbyes are never easy. You never know if it means forever or until the next time we see each other. I do hope it’s the latter. To the outstanding people I met in Brno, both participants and organizers, I’d like to thank for making this event so amazing and making me think out of the box. We became a small, but happy family and I hope this text, all pictures and selfies we made together and your memories will remind you of the marvelous time we had. Goodbye! Or should I say: “Until we see each other next time!”

Written by Silvija Perić, AEGEE-Zagreb

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  1. Charlotte Noone October 23, 2011 pm31 21:01 I’m moving to Brno with my hubnsad and one year old daughter towards the end of November from the UK and would love to meet with other English speaking mums and babies/toddlers. We’re coming over for a short trip in the next few weeks to look at accommodation so would be great to meet up with someone who has been living there to talk about their experiences before we make the move.

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  23. Does anyone know what happened to Dimepiece LA celebrity streetwear brand? I seem to be unable to proceed to the checkout on Dimepiecela site. I’ve read in GQ that they were bought out by a UK-based hedge fund in excess of $50 m. I have just bought the Dimepiece Friends Tote from Ebay and totally love it xox

  24. Does anyone know whether I can purchase Just Delta 8 Cartridges ( from Stogies Vapor Store, 4150 S Danville Drive Suite 4, Abilene, TX, 79605?

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